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Products supplied by the Clinic


As part of our continued commitment to providing patients with long lasting effective management of their conditions as well as striving to enhance athletic performance we offer the following commercial products:


MyO2 Therapeutic Gel


MYO₂ Therapeutic Gelharnesses the powerful combination of natural Arnica montana and Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)– providing essential pain relief for sore and inflamed muscles and other soft tissue as well as joint injuries. MYO2 may be used to alleviate the symptoms associated with soft tissue injuries, neck and back pain, pre-diagnosed arthritis, joint sprains and inflammation and muscle spasm as well as reducing post exercise soreness.



Natox - The natural alternative!


Natox is NO needles or invasive surgery. It is a revolutionary new way to combat the signs of ageing by combining cutting edge technology with 100% pure, organic ingredients.

Natox is covered by a unique money back guarantee. We know that seeing is believing, that’s why if you’re not convinced that your skin looks younger after 60 days of using Natox, we will refund your money. 100% guaranteed!


Footlevelers customised shoe inserts


These inserts address biomechanical discrepancies in the feet and thus assist with providing correctional biomechanical support to the entire skeletal structure, and thereby helping to alleviate any related painful conditions i.e. lower back pain, ITB, shin splints, etc.


The Stick

The Stick - the toothbrush for muscles


This product is designed to allow the patient/athlete to effectively treat and loosen their own muscles to help increase athletic performance and general muscle health.