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International Studies


There are numerous studies and reports that illustrate the effectiveness of chiropractic for condition-appropriate treatment and they illustrate the importance of chiropractic as a primary element of health care. Two landmark studies have established early safety and efficacy of chiropractic.

The New Zealand Report

The government of New Zealand published a study of chiropractic with the purpose of determining the merits of including chiropractic in its Social Security and Accident Compensation programmes. Many issues were studied, including cost effectiveness, chiropractic education and training, safety issues, and patient satisfaction. Among other things, the resulting 377-page document concluded that the inclusion of chiropractic would have a positive influence on the health of the country.

Of particular importance was the chapter devoted to safety of chiropractic. The commission investigated two safety issues that had been commonly raised by chiropractic critics. The first was on the safety of chiropractic spinal adjustments and the second was on the perceived notion that seeking chiropractic care delayed medical treatment. After extensive inquiry, the researchers found both safety concerns to be unfounded. Because of the lack of evidence to the contrary, the commissioners determined chiropractic care to be remarkably safe.

Sweden Commission

The Swedish government’s Commission on Alternative Medicine conducted another noteworthy study that provided credibility to the chiropractic field. It reached conclusions consistent with the New Zealand study.

It further stated that:

  1. Chiropractic with the Doctor of Chiropractic degree should become registered practitioners and be brought within the National Insurance system.
  2. Doctors of Chiropractic have competency in differential diagnosis and should be regulated on a primary care basis.
  3. Measures to improve cooperation between chiropractors, registered medical practitioners and physiotherapists are vital to the public interest.